'Look and Feel' Design Meeting

Business owner is not happy with the fact that she is not deeply invovled in a design decision process. I agree with her that I have been dictating the look and feel of the site from the beginning without much suggestion from BA groups. I have set up a bi-weekly design meeting between I and other BA groups just to focus on the look and feel of the site.

Let's define the term, 'look & feel'. Look is what the site should 'look' like. Color, shape, fonts, and other visual elements that makes up the site should be considered as 'look' element. Then what does 'feel' refer to? In my opinion, 'feel' is consist of many 'look' elements. For instance, google home page has simple 'feel' to it because of very little 'look' elements. Bank of America has very patriotic 'feel' to it because of its 'look' elements: red, blue, white, and usage of US flag through out the site.

Now we have better understanding of what 'look and feel' refers to, I'd like to dig into the design meeting and its functionality.
1. Design meetings should occur bi-weekly parallel to the Scrum concept.
2. Each meeting needs to happen no later than 2 days after the Scrum planning meeting.
3. The designer must foresee the upcoming sprint and collect all the mock ups that BA group needs to review.
4. Because of time constraints, BA groups will only have one day to review these mock ups. There need to be some discussion at this point among BA groups, but the final decision and confirmation would be made at the meeting. Both groups must review the mock ups at least once prior to meeting.
5. The meeting will start by addressing the agenda for the meeting.
6. I, the designer, will drive the meeting by discussing the purpose of each design elements and its functionalities.
7. BA groups will make suggestions during step 6.
8. I will make the modification according to the discussion in front of BA groups using Fire Works.
9. Final design will be presented and final confirmation will be made at the end of the meeting.
10. I will upload any necessary files on the share point site for future reference.

So the first meeting is Tuesday... and I have low expectaion from this first meeting because of poor prepartion on myside. I only had one day to work on the mock ups... but we will see how this meeting goes. Share