Quitting for the Team

Kevin Garnett.. Probably one of the best PF ever played in NBA was never fortunate enough to play for a team like Spurs or Pistons to be recognized to be one of the greatest of all time. If he quits on his team.. and demand a trade, would people see him as a quitter?

Kobe Bryant.. already had won couple rings.. now carrying the lakers team on his shoulder all by himself. He hasnt accomplished much since Shaq had left the Lakers back in 2004. If he quits on his team and demand a trade, he is going to become a quitter.

So what is the difference?
KG had been playing hard since the day one wihtout much supporting casts around him. He never demanded trade even when his team didnt make a playoff. He still gave 100% on every posession and supported his teammates in every occassion. Kobe Bryant? He drove away Shaq. He had demanded several times already. He had shown a disrespect toward his teammates frequently.

So what does this mean to me?
Am I KG or Kobe? Have I been playing like KG or Kobe?
I am thinking about asking my boss to remove me from this B2B project for the reason I have posted previously. I had come up with a stronger design and supported all my arguments and idea through usability testing and researches. I think I gave out close to 110% for this project.

I am KG.. or so that I think. Does it even matter what other people will think of me when I already have concrete impression of my worh ethic? What to do what to do....

I have been praying for this project since the day 1, because I believe that the god is the only person who would inspire / motivate me. I have asked him to show me the way to handle this project. It is hard to see what he has planned out for me. But.... I think he had showing me the signs. Share