Efficiency of Paper Prototyping

Many people are skeptical about paper prototyping.
What it seems to be right on paper / sketch wouldn’t necessarily translate onto the monitor.
Some graphical elements could be missing on paper prototyping
making a mistake on paper prototyping is so much easier to fix and there’s almost no penalty.

Paper Prototyping is
  1. Concept
  2. Overall Interaction Flow
  3. Capturing User’s Mental Mode
  4. Fix / Upgrade interface on the go

Is not

  1. User interface
  2. Capturing user errors
  3. Q&A session

What may looks stupid on the monitor could easily be sketched out and brought it to the life on the paper because it is still in the concept stage. A designer may be afraid to implement what could be the greatest idea on the Fireworks canvas because of the pattern he is used to. Break the traditional thinking process… throw the mouse away for couple minutes… get up and get out of the cub… couple of yellow post it could bring wonders to your interaction flow.

A test case to come in next update...