SIGDOC 2007 - Design of Communication

Today is the last day at SIGDOC2007 which is being hosted at UTEP ( El paso). Although I did not get to learn too much on the visual side of the design communication like I have hoped, it was a good experience for me to realize that there are more than visual aspect of the design in communication.
Some of the key highlights that I have very muched enjoyed are..

1. Mixing Brainstorming Art on the Web.
The panelist talked about a different way to brainstorm with colleagues using a system they have devloped from Costa Rica. I can not wait to see the method being publicized as an opensource.

2. Cultural Differences in Heater Manual
A researcher from NMST University investigated several manuals for heaters she purchased through various shopping malls from both China and US and observed differences in context. It brought up a new idea of drawing a line between cultural differences and the technical differences.

3. UI Text Style Guideline
Many times I design visual interactive module, I spend good amount of time testing UI Texts. For instance during B2B project I recently completed, it took me and the BA group good two days of discussion and design to select a command text between 'duplicate' and 'copy.' With this UI Text Style guideline, the designers, programmers, and even the BA group should be able to save time / effort to make coherent decision on this part of the interaction module. Share