Edward Tufte & More

It has been more than a month since I have posted something... well.. it has almost have been two months since I have come up with something original. Small inspiring sentence that was written on the meeting room today. "Vision without execution is only a hallucination."... yeah.. inspiration statement is rather cheesy and all.. but if you actually think through and act upon it, it can only help right?

Edward Tufte Class
So I have been waiting 3- 4 months for this class. I have been actually reading all 4 of his books throughly.. more like I have been studying all 4 of his books thinking that pre-studying before the class would help me understanding the class better. I guess the class is good for people who havent read through his books. I felt like $260 I invested on this class was just little too much. These are the things that I got out of $260...
  • Sense of Assurance

  • Effective Presentation

  • Sadly.. that's about it...

  • I recommend this class for someone who hasn't read his book.. if you feel that you have read all four and understand most of the concepts.. you are not missing out too much. $260 is better off spending on something else IMO.