Going Agile - Marketing Department vs. Scrum pt2.

This post is the 2nd part of the eariler article regarding the problems agile development may have when marketing gets into the picture.

Who would ever think that I would miss the morning scrum meeting? Once what I thought was useless and time waste effort, I now recognize this meeting being more productive while harvesting internal company culture. I need to lead a project to exercise more scrum method to see its effectiveness.

Scrum, Why am I not doing that now?

Issue1 – Priority

With internal marketing effort increasing significantly in my company, I can forecast the lack of resource becoming the problem. Clients with tight deadlines always in the picture, it is very hard to give internal marketing efforts higher priorities. For this reason, I have seen the shift of priority, and it always mean the internal marketing getting pushed over.

Issue 2. – Participation
People do not like changes… People in this industry (web dev / creative) are very opinionated that every action will be criticized down to pixels and seconds. New operation methods will bring strong resistance from the team, not to mention that I am pretty new to the company.

Issue 3 – Knowledge
My experience as a scrum master only lasted 3 months. While I was able to experience and recognize the benefits of going scrum, I am not experienced enough to foresee the failures and the solutions. There is almost no room for a failure when we exercise scrum with clients in the picture.

So.. with all these issues and problems.. is it worth the effort and trouble to go agile (in this case scrum)?
CEO of our company summed it up on Twitter,
It is customer-centric from an agency perspective, and it creates a barrier for weaker competition. It is a real valuable skill to master as an agency. Weak agencies may envision w/o execution.” Share