FB vs FF

This had been already discussed numerous times on the web. This no longer is a battle between Facebook vs. Myspace. This is going to be a battle of concept and theory.. and far beyond. I first sited this topic on Clay Spinuzzi's blog.

Interestingly enough I have heard many people complaining about Facebook because of its intrusive Apps. This has been the same problem Myspace had been guilty of. Advantage of using Facebook is that you only need a single account to access other social apps that can replace flickr and youtubes. However, your updates on facebook is for the internal people, the ones who have facebook account, mainly your friends. Search engines will not be able to index any contents being published in Facebook.

My choice? I have both Friendfeed and Facebook accounts.. I would love to utilize FF more often, but i seem to follow where most of my friends' interactions are happening, which is, Facebook by great margin. Share