Korea in 2 Weeks (May 28th - June 14th)

I can't find a better time than this summer to visit Korea for the first time since I had moved here. It has been 15 years since I left Korea with my family and landed in Oreagon. It's the country where I was born and raised for 15 years, a place that taught me how to eat, sleep, and breathe. Old korean saying that 10 years is long enough time for mountains and rivers to reform. I am going to face some cultural differences and I should not be expected to have same experience I had back in year 1993.

So I have lived in Korea for 15 years and lived in US for 15 years. Wow.. it has been some crazy years. I would had never dreamed of growing up in America.. not to mention TEXAS out of all the places.

Hopefully I won't be lazy enough to take pictures and post them on flickrs. Share