[Music Review] The Glitch Mob

Introducing The Glitch Mob... you can check out their mix on the right side of this site.

I have to say that this is one of the freshest stuffs among all the music I ve been trying out recently. So Fresh So cool.. I really got into their music when I found out that they are about to visit Austin (which already happened couple days ago). I first thought,'very the Neptunes like...', but they were proving me wrong as I hear more trance and house samples. Take all the layers off the music, and you will find out that their root is based on original hiphop. Just like elektro punks and elektro rock, this is a new genre of music that added another layer onto the current day hiphop.

I am just happy that I have found them and was fortunate enough to attend their only appearance in Austin. Oh man.. how I love Austin .. Share