Thought from an Art Piece

Arrr.. forgot to write down the artist's name and the title. What an idiot.. this is basically a note i took during a trip in Korea while visiting Modern Art museum of Korea.

The scene of old Ahjuma looking at the back of her exhausted husband.. she is saying 'what a loser.. go get yourself a life.. why did i get married to him..' But the audience is also looking at what she is not seeing, the back of herself.. very unattractive, messy ahjuooma hair and style. The audience is looking at the whole scene as a typical Korean life. She may think she is better than him and she could had be in a better position, but the bigger picture, outside of box, is telling her that she belongs to where she is now. Funny thing is... the audience is also being watched from the back by someone greater.. a religion issue maybe.

I kept saying that Apgoojung dong is full of pretentious people, like the opinion I have of Dallas. I find myself being more pretentious than anyone.. buying new apple, Ipod.. why not go with the lesser and cheaper products. Am I really paying for the experience of myself using the equipment? Or is the experience coming from being involved in Apple community.. or owning a mac? Or is it really the pretentious issue that PC advocates always bring up during a pc vs mac battle. Like the ahjoomma looking at her husband from the back.. I am looking at the people and making a judgetment when myself is full of crap. It could be a defensive mechanism... that I feel that i am nobody standing out side of my comfort circle. Share