2009 New Beginning

So what is so new about 2009? Well now I am back in school at University of Texas at Austin, pursuing a BA degree in Advertising. Luckily, my company, FG SQUARED, supports my decision in higher education and granted me to take a time off in the middle of the days to attend the classes! I am also taking an online class at ACC, and it makes 9 hours total in credit hours. Seems pretty heavy with a full time job but I love the pressure man... i eat pressure for a breakfast like I always say.
So what's happening in my life as of late...

  • I've moved into a new place near the office which takes me only 5- 7 min.
  • I am paying $10 for parking fee every MWF
  • To compensate on the parking budget and save time at work, I have decided to bring my lunch now on.
  • I am finalizing the UX deliverables documents.. hopefully before Feb 15th.
  • I now have someone to share my life and soul. No.. im not married
  • iPhone
  • still on low carb diet.

I need to blog more i know..... lil too busy! Share


Mike Chapman said...

Yes, David, you need to blog more. :)

Man, you are busy. It's great.

David Lee said...

thanks mike..
I still feel like I need to pack in some more learning and education. Yeah.. I agree, I need to blog some more.