Convergence in Communication - Sales 101?

In my culture communication class, I got to learn about convergence in communication; When person A perceives similarity with person B, person “A” tends to like person “B” more.

This reminds me of last couple sales meeting I was involved. I was able to sell our service to the company C that I had been working for a while. What was the underlying factor behind their decision to go with my agency beside the price and the quality of work. I have to assume the fact that I understand their business. I had shown in numerous occasions that I still care for the company C regardless of my departure from the company. People at the company C understand that not only I am interested to win a business within them, I am very interested to win a business with/for them as well. Before we push our ideas and strategies onto the client, we need to make sure to customize our strategies to fit in their objectives. It sounds simple and very obvious but I have seen in many numerous cases where we fail to apply this concept.

When a client A perceives similarity with agency B, client “A” tends to like agency “B” more. Share


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