Psychology of Advertising - Self

The Fractured self results in us...
- Purchasing products as a means of highlighting or hiding some aspect of the self
ex: iPhone & MAC for geeky developers.

How do we use self-esteem in an advertising?
Self-esteem advertising attempts to change product attributes by stimulating positive feelings about the self.
For High self-esteem: Gatorade - You are a fighter and a competitor: Drink it to get over the top.
For Low-self-esteem: Proactive - Acne problem? Can't go out? Use our product

Social Comparison is the process where a person tires to evaluate this or herself by comparing it to the people depicted in artificial images. This form of comparison appears to be a basic human motive.

ex: iPod shadow dancers - Am I that type of person? I must get the iPod!
: drink Gatorade - You can be like Mike.
- exposure to almost any ads with a human image can trigger social comparison
-The main key is get customers to put themselves into that position

Using Fantasy
It was amazing how many companies were using the self concept in the advertisign for a branding purpose. Mac is notorious for using this concept, and no wonder they are doing such a good job with it. "You are not boring! You will fit in because you buy / have the product. You extend yourself to fit in."

Those external objects that we consider a part of us comprise the extended self.
- You are what you wear
- How you decorate your surrounding = who you are.
- Where you hang out. Where you stay = who you are ex: Home Away
- Which group you belong. You wear Houston Rockets jersey = You are a rocket fan! Share


Shane Quast said...

It would appear as though you have stumbled upon hedonic consumption.