Expanding Your Network

Guy Kawasaki.. the man who made a name for himself for just being brilliant.. or whatever he is doing. He is just damn popular these days.. I dont personally know him nor I read his blog. I just know that his name pop up like pimples on teenage boys. I am following him to on his twitter as well.

I have tried to get my tweet retweeted or have him @djteknokid reply me so that;
1. My name gets a recognition through his word of mouth
2. He recognizes me somehow and I become his friend.

Well well.. with himself following 120938102938019283 people, I am sure he does not have time for a small person like me at this point. He was not the only person who has not replied back to me... Shaq, McHammer, and other big stars have ignored my comments and failed to give me the recognition I'm craving for. Whatever the reason was.. my objective was to expand my network with a big name star.. someone up in the higher position. I dont blame them.. they get hundreds of msg like mine through numerous networks for the same purpose.

So what have I learned from this? How do I go about expanding my network to VP, directors, and C level executives? Look around...
1. Look around and find young brilliant minded, ambitious professionals who has not made a name for themselves yet.
2. Creative indivduals who always have the new fresh idea
3. The one you know who is going to be the next Guy Kawasaki. The next CEO, VP, and the director.

These individuals are much easier to get in contact right now. The one who only has maybe 200 followers at this point. Stay keep in touch with these people... 3,4 ,5.. i mean.. even a year later these individuals are going to be rocking their industry. Build the realtionship till then.. dont go for the homerun. Get few hits here and there.. go for the sacrfice bunts. It will all add up at the end.

So.. having said that. Follow me @djteknokid before I get way too up there to recognize you. : D Share