5 Traits of Creative Person & Creative Process

So this is from the Adv class again.

1. Curiosity
2. Playfulness
3. Courage
4. Controlled
5. Motivated

Well.. it sounds like these are traits are also for
a. the leader
b. the innovative person
c. the outlier (from Malcom Gladwell)

But... I have seen many leaders who are not creative... humm. Maybe they weren't the leaders after all?

Creative Process
You never get anywhere by just sitting there and thinking about the problem. (or just discussing about the problem). this is why I love jotting down my ideas and thoughts on the piece of paper.

Creative Process : is the internal method by which one thinks and invents or solves.
Your way of thinking is totally cool.. but be open. Everyone has different way to think, none of them are right or wrong. There are many different ways to solve one problem. Share