Agile Self Development

Self Agile Development, originally uploaded by djteknokid.

Agile development has been one of the hottest buzz words in the Biz Dev / PM / Web Dev / Soft Dev industry. There are thousands of advocates all around the world who are not only sold on this idea but spreading the word like its their religion. I have been involved in several agile dev projects and I also agree that it is probably best way to manage projects / company.

Self Development
Could agile development method be used in the self development? Could you improve your skill sets, expand your network, build on your career with the agile concept? I am trying to utilize this concept to on my own self development. This is what I am trying to accomplish.

Team of one, I doubt that I need two weeks for each iteration. I would actually keep it at one week and review myself every Sunday night.

How many blogs can I post in a week? How many case studies and work samples can I present in a week? How about reading blogs / articles / book? How many work outs per week? Would it be such a waste of time & effort to keep in track of all the actions I am taking in my life? What happened to the fun & spontaneous life?

Scrum - Daily Meeting
Gather myself in the morning with the schedule in front of me. Quickly go over the action items I have to accomplish.

What was good / bad / hopeful for the iteration? How can I improve myself in the bad items and accomplish the hopeful items. Share