Sci Fi So Negative

So today in the class, we spent about 15 min demolishing the rebranding effort done by Sci-fi, soon to be known as SyFy.
I was the only person who brought up a positive point in the class that people outside of US may have easier time pronouncing the brand. Sci could easily be pronounce as Ski.
Here is the new SyFy

Yeah.. the name SyFy may sounds silly ( especially in America), but the new logo looks so much better than the old one.

Someone mentioned in the class about the rebranding of Pizza Hut. Because Pizza Hut is now known as The Hut, it would not change his frequency of eating there. How about applying the same concept to the SyFy case? You would drop the channel and not watching your favorite show now that they are SyFy instead of Sci-Fi? If the channel continues to support good programs and shows, the name of brand would not matter too much, IMO. Like the professor said at the end of the class, they may prove the critiques wrongs after 10 years. I am with SyFy in this case... They are going to win the international fans with the rebranding. Share