Shift of Paradigm

Shift of paradigm , originally uploaded by djteknokid.

While I was making a truck run with @MLFNOW with Alan Graham, he gave me a great way to look at things from different perspective. Of course, as a UX designer, it is my job to look at things from users point of view. It is almost required that I look at things from different perspective, but Alan took this approach to next level.

What was so amazing about his approach?
He basically said how helping homeless people is something we should do for ourselves not for them. Forget the fact that we are providing with them food, we are doing good deeds, and we become "better" people for doing it. It's the experience I felt during the run...
I get to look at how other people are living. I get to look at the life from their perspective, how happy they seem regardless of the situation they are in. It was some sort of enlightenment I experienced. I felt very ashamed that I always complain at the work place while I sit my ass in the place where AC and free water are provided 24/7. It was almost like a religious retreat I used to be involved with.

Now.. it's time to look at every project with the shift of paradigm... who is it really for? who really benefits from this? It maybe you.