Tipping Point - After Thought

I am late on this book.

I admit that I am late on this. I may have not read it through if it was not for adv325.
Let's see what Ive learned and how I can apply this to some of my practices.

What is tipping point?

Are we thinking in terms of a graph? Time? Place? Money? Let's see if I can explain the title in 140 Twitter status limit.
A small trend turns into an epidemic when it reaches Tipping Point,a point that perfect timing and right location cross each other.

Patterns of Tipping Points

  • The Law of the Few: Few agents are the one who makes it tip.

  • The Stickiness Factor: How well does the message or the story sticks to one's memory?

  • The Power of Context: People's decision often gets influenced by the stiaution the one is in.

The law of the few / Who are the "few"?

In this book Malcome listed them as

  1. Connectors
    - The one who is well connected with others in various societies. The connectors connect two groups who doesn't know each other. They inI really fleunce the width of a subject.

  2. Mavens
    - The person who knows about it well and talks about it well. They influence the depth of a subject.

  3. Persuader (or the salesman)
    - These are the one who make us believe about the subject. Mavens provide you with data for you to make a decision. Persuader can affect one's decision without the data.