Never Eat Alone

I have been reading this book call, Never Eat Alone, by Keith Ferrazzi. Among many practices he had suggested, he had mentioned to write down achievable goals in life. Many people are confused with the dream with the goals he also pointed out. The goal is the finish line where you can look back and see your footsteps knowing that you have reached to the point.

So here... I am going to write down some short term goals and long term goals. I ask myself what I really want to do in my life. Something tangible that I can measure myself. What makes me really happy? What are my strengths and the weaknesses to see if I am heading to the right direction in my career? If I answer these questions, the author suggest that it is much easier to come up with the goal and how to accomplish it.

My Strength & Things that I enjoy
1. Video Game
2. Drawing
3. Cognitive Science
4. Marketing Planning
5. Presentation
6. Information Graphics
7. Creative Thinking
8. Visual Design
9. Watching People and Analyze

My Weaknesses & Things that I don't Enjoy
1. Being Organized
2. ADD
3. Writing
4. Weak at Information Architecture
5. Networking / Meeting New People
6. Memorizing
7. English or Language in General
8. Saving / Budgeting Money

What do I really want to be at the end?
Professor at a major university teaching...
1. Advertising
2. User Experience Design / Planning
3. Human Factor / Cognitive Science / HCI
while running my own user experience advertising agency.
I also want to be known to be the father of user experience advertising. Heh, I have already purchased and

Education Goals
1. Finish my undergraduate study in Advertising at the University of Texas by Dec. 2010
2. Start my graduate study in HCI at one of the below universities in Fall 2011
  • Rice
  • Carnegie Melon
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Indiana
3. Finish my masters by May 2013

Career Goals
1. Be a better user experience designer at FG Squared while working on the company interactive marketing plan.
2. Help FG Squared establishing concrete and self sustainable marketing plan by end of 2010.
3. When I'm done with the masters, I would love to work for a place like IDEO or Google.
4. Become a director of UX processes at one of the major design / advertising firms
5. Stay close to the places where ideation happens

People Who Could Help Me Get There - The author mentions, "the mentor committee of some sort"...
1. Current managers / bosses at FG Squared
2. Professors at the University of Texas at Austin
3. Local UX masters (let's be more detail here)

Communities I need to be Invovled
1. HFI
2. Austin IXDA

well.. this should be enough for now. I need to get back to the book and read more on the NAP (Networking action plan).
I feel like I am way behind in life... Share