Geisha Steak @Geisha Sushi 떡갈비?

Geisha Steak @Geisha House, originally uploaded by djteknokid.

With the recent rise of Korean pop culture (see Rain and Korean Soap Opera here), the other members of Korean culture are gaining more recognition these days. This, of course, includes the famous Korean dishes. You may already know a famous beef dish such as Bulgogi or Kalbi. I could assure you that these dishes have the international taste, which means that any meat lover in the world find the appreciation for this kind of food. But in this post, I would like to tell you about a fusion steak dish we have specially prepared for the steak lovers in the state. It has similar taste of the two dishes I have mentioned above but in the form of our favorite dish, steak.
Let me introduce Geisha Steak. This thick and tender steak was prepared for the texture in mind. With the first bite, you will be surprised with the tenderness it has that almost feels like you are biting into a juicy hamburger, yet the quality of meat is something beyond of ground beef. Geisha Steak is prepared by with the special sauce; soy sauce, onion, garlic, glaze of honey, and finished with sprinkle of sesame seeds. It is served on an iron sizzling dish with grilled carrots and onions. With a bowl of rice and a bowl of Miso soup (you only get it for free if you mention that you are following us on Twitter!), I think this is probably the best Korean steak you could experience in downtown Austin.