Taking Class Notes with Wave

This is something new that I want to try starting this semester. The concept is as simple as the title describes. I basically start a wave in Google Wave (I guess I still feel that Google Wave has not hit the main stream; I see myself describing the term 'wave' as you see in this case) for each class note, 1 wave per day, then I would add all the classmates who have Wave account.
Concept is simple, it's adding the notion of collaboration in the class environment, especially in the note taking area. I strongly believe that two individuals' combined notes is more concrete and detailed than the one I write on my own, obviously. This is just very similar to the basic concept of Wikipedia, collaborative dictionary. One thing I would like to see on this Wave trial is the innovation. I wonder how the students are going to use all the functionality in Wave to maximize its capacity, for instance, embedding multimedia and using Wave apps.

It could be a just another small project that could go down the drain, but as long as I keep the note up to date, I don't see how this is going to derail. -> This sounds just like a concept of blogging. Update the content, provide value, and people will engage with you. Share