Forget the ROI, Brilliant Campaign Doesn’t Need ROI!

The one of the main reasons why I love this campaign is, because it combined two of my favorite advertising together; social media and outdoor. Do I believe this was a successful campaign? Yes. So what is the ROI?... Could you stop mentioning ROI in every social media campaign? There are campaigns that just make sense, and ROI is not measurable in some instances. How could you actually put $ on the emotion this campaign creates and calculate ROI on the buzz value? If you insist, go ahead and type in Kisses Walgreen Timesquare, and see how many results you get in return.

Brief description on this brilliant campaign

"The campaign, led by Digitas with Gilmore Group, connects people online and in-person. From Feb. 10-14, couples can upload their best kissing photo online at, or get their picture taken in-person at One Times Square to have their kiss displayed in bright lights. The billboard picture can then be downloaded or printed at any Walgreens store after it appears in Times Square. The kiss pics will be readily available to share on Facebook, or to print as a photo or gift to commemorate the romantic event."

Why is this a winning campaign?

1. Enhanced brand image & Brand awareness
  • Long lasting emotional value to everyone who was a part of this campaign
  • This also applies to people who read about this campaign, including you
  • People are going to keep their pictures along with Walgreens logo for forever
2. Facebook engagement
  • Many companies would be dying to have this kind of interaction
  • They also created a separate EVENT page for the campaign on here
  • 11339 confirmed guest, 1450 wall posts, 3636 maybe attending
  • That’s not all… someone actually PROPOSED using this campaign and this is the reaction on Facebook.
  • Who knows how many individual share their photos and this campaign via their facebook account / blog / twitter. I don’t have access to get those numbers.
3. Bringing Customers to the Store
  • Make $ off the photos printed
  • There is a high chance that the customers will buy something else other than the photos while visiting
  • This also increases brand awaresness
4. Carry over / Talk about / Buzz value

I am sure there are other “RETURN” they have gained from the investment they made it on here. But I am sure now you get the point. By using social media, Walgreens was able to communicate and engage with fans, and the coolness factor in outdoor campaign in TimeSquare was able to bring people together and create a buzz. Share