The refresh August meeting was a huge successs I think. The number turned out to be great, and the praise i have been getting is more than I had expected. I really need to work on my public speaches.. well..I gotta work on my conversation perioud.
So my small presentation is done for the Refresh, I need to concentrate on a project I am doing at University of Texas. I am going to be helping a class that I first heard of the usability and accessibility. The group of student will perform ux and ax test on the shop.cg.com site I have designed.

So I am a big advocate for a usability and the user centered design. I have been spreading the concept and the practices in my office as well as to other peers in my industry.
One thing that is bothering me the most in my career is right now is that.. all the usability knowledges i have obtained is not being utilized at all in the currrent project.

My inability to convince BA group to utilize my suggestions is going to make this project a complete failure from the usability perspective. We have started designing a module that is not evident in other websites. Stylizing these modules are extra hard combined with AJAX because there are no established examples to be found on the web. BA group who has no experience in the web design of any sort is coming up with these very creative inventive designs with a graphic designer with very little web knowledge.

Just like the example I had expressed at the Refresh Austin meeting. Windows Vista is not any harder to use than Windows98. But you will hear people complaining about the interface and user interaction flow with the vista, because they have seen these modules previously. This did not match their expectation.

This shuld have been stopped and I should have fought harder to convince them to go with standard interfaces that are being practiced in other places. This is like creating a desktop application on the web.

THIS IS NOT GOING TO WORK. I need to get out of this project asap... this is going to make my life shorter.. with all the stresses I am getting.... ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH Share