How to make a user to click that Button

This is from
Agnieszka Bojko,JUS (Journal of USability Studies), Issue 3, Vol. 1, May 2006

To find the correct link, button, or another control on a Web page, users must successfully complete two stages of visual search: (1) deployment of attention and (2) target processing. in the first stage, attention needs to be allocated to the target, so the target can be processed. Effectiveness and efficiency of this stage depends on how easy the target is to notice, which is affected by the overall display layout as well as the location and visual presentation of the target and other elements.

During the secon stage of visual search, target processing, user's attentional resources are allocated to recognizing the meaning of the target and its relationship with their goal. Completion of this stage depends on how easy the target is to comprehend, which is related to the target's content (e.g., label) and affordance(e.g., whether it appears clickable or not). Only upon successful completion of both search stages, can users select the correct target.

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