Rapid Prototyping pt2 - Paper vs. Fireworks

In the last post, I briefly talked about the rapid prototyping and its definition. So far I had been involved in

3 Paper prototyping projects – including enterprise B2B ecommerce site
4 Firework prototyping projects
and numerous wire frames projects

As much as I enjoyed paper prototyping and its efficiency, I have to say the paper really has nothing on Fireworks prototyping method when used it right. With right communication tools (both visual and vocal) and right direction, the rapid prototyping using Fireworks has clear edge over the paper prototyping method.
Being able to make changes on the fly, ability to display interaction, manipulating the real world environment, and ability to skin the prototypes on the go, are all the reasons why I pick Fireworks over the paper.

Oh well.. you should be able to find bunch of tutorials over the web. The method was also listed in guui.com


Well.. just an idea.. How a competition between p. prototyping practitioners vs. Fireworks practitioners? Share