High Impact UX

I am going to be talking about "Building High Impact User Experience" in couple hours at Interactive Austin 2008.
I am going to use this blog to jot down some of the key concepts I need to talk about.

What is User Experience?

State of user's mind during the interaction with an artifact:

User experience is not the question of how you are doing it. It is a question of how you feel while you are doing it. It is not question of how fast you got there, or how many click did it take to you get there,but it is a question of the way you feel while you are getting there.
Essentials to create high impact user experience:

  • Being an user advocate.
  • 1. Observe Users
  • 2. Ask Users
  • ------------------------------
  • 3. Be a User
  • ------------------------------
  • 4. Be a Designer

How has the explosion of social media affected UX practices?

I am going to use traffic signs as a metaphor.
In Web 1.0 era it was a One Way Highway, where users only has one way to go. You just click on links and menu to search for the information provided by one source.
Us designers, only had to worry about building signs like stop, speed limit, road condition...We didnt need many signs to direct this traffic.

Now in Web2.0 era.. I could compare this place with an airport. Comes in and out to everywhere. Not only you receive information from multiple sources in one spot, you have ability to share these information with anyone or any group.
Us designers have to worry about building signs such as departure, arrival, flight information, gate number, restroom.. etc. etc.

What I am trying to get here is that users have to get themselves familiar with new user interface element such as ( RSS feed, social media icons) and new technology terms (twitter, flickr, ajax). Creating enjoyable experience in web 1.0 was hard, and i think it will be even harder to create unified enjoyrabled user experience in web 2.0. UX practice must change by observing and testing more users, and I think now days more company put more effort into the users. Share