UX and Branding

In seeing some homogenization in the user interface of e-commerce sites, how does the popularity or spread of particular UI executions affect UX practice or decision-making?

UI Execution - Facebook vs. Myspace war
UX Practice - Banana Republic

How easy is it to personalize my website? It is the reason why I came back.. easy to chat, easy to stay connect to my friends. The way it tells me who I may know instead of I going through all my contacts.

Banana Republic:
There is one store I always give a close look at is.. Banana Republic site. As many of you already know Gap, Piper Lime, Banana, and Old Navy are under the same company. I really think they are doing great jobs maximizing current web technologies and offers users different ways to shop.
As Iphone did a good job displaying their user experience effort onto the tip of users fingers, this site transfers user experience through the tip of mouse cursor.
In this case, user experience is what attracted to me to the site, and the experience would be again the reason why I will come back to the site. Share