How does UX make a difference in purchasing decision making stage?

Apple once again is a great example. Maybe it is just too easy to bring up apple again. One other company who completely stormed the market with this new UX evolution is Nintendo. Instead of going for the high end graphics, sex and violence, with Dolby surround sound 20.1, they put their research money back in the users. Instead of focusing on how cool their game console is, how powerful their graphic system is, Nintendo was smart enough to show everyone how Fun it is.
See, now I go to bowling alley, I really believe that I can hit 220 consistently because of the experience I have with Wii bowling and how accurate Nintendo is to capture essentials of the real bowling experience. Faster you throw, faster bowl goes.. harder you snap your wrist, more spins it creates, sounds very simple yet this kind of small details are what put Nintendo on the top once again. So next time you get involved in a project... ask yourself... how would my decision right now will affect the user and their experience?

To answer the question, yes, users will choose a service ( in this case, ecommerce and website)with better user experience even if it means they have to spend more money / time /
People love to have fun, and they will remember the shopping experience at the store before they remember what they bought. Share