Power of Social Network: LIVE!

You have read the white paper.. You have read many many blog posts about the power of social media and social network. It is not that hard to even recognize the power of viral marketing using social media since it actually had been there well before the internet era.
To make the story short... I am an active participant on a Houston Rocket fan forum at clutchfans.net. This is a social network place where fans can talk about Houston Rockets and more. They also have a dedicated forum space to talk about anything in general. I have noticed that people get onto the message board to find more about certain products.(ex: "I am looking to get a digital camera" "XBOX 360 vs. PlayStation"). Because of my latest involvement with banking industry in social media, this thread had caught my attention.

I would like to keep eyes on this thread and see what is happening and why.


Let's discuss on this thread LIVE. Please leave a reply with your thought on certain interaction Share