Stickam - Webcam meets Social Media

Ever since I got my MacBook Pro, I have been abusing the built in camera / webcam, iSight. Beside capturing pictures and movies, this little boy has ability to run like a high quality webcam. Searching for a place to chat with random people using the webcam, I came across a site called Stickam. Prior to the discovery, I already had played the webcam on Yahoo chat, Hadori, and Camfrog.

Why Stickam?

  • Stickam does not require you to download a 3rd party application (except Flash, but hey..)
  • You do not need to be a registered member to view and chat. Although, you do need to register in order to put yourself on the camera.
  • It also enabled audio communication through Mic.
  • Within 3 click, you can start a video conference, and sending a meeting alert and location is as easy as copying and pasting the URL.
  • You can save friends, join them, read their profiles, and be alerted when they are available.
  • Embedded Badge: with the provided embedded HTML code, you can broadcast yourself all over the world anywhere on the web.
  • It's FREEEE

What's Next?

Can this be used in enterprise level?
How can we utilize this to empower telecommuting?
Can this also be used for a video cast?

Bottom line is...
it's not really the service and the equipment that enable us to do extra ordinary stuffs. It all boil downs to how far we are pushing the limit with these services, or how creative we can utilize them. Share


Black-n-Mild said...

i agree with you.