Social Capital - My Dancing Videos

My long lost dream, being the best break dancer in the world, never really had a chance. Blaming on my talent and the lack of opportunity, I ended up doing what i do right now.. writing a blog about social media..
With Macbook Pro acquisition and it's built in iSight, I started recording some of my dance practice session on the camera.

With a free tool i found on the web, VidNik, I was able to quickly capture the videos and upload them on, where else, youtube.
Using social prism mechanism I had defined in previous blog posts, I was quickly able to spread these videos amongst my friends (Facebook, FriendsFeed, DanceJam, and AsianAve).

What have I learned?
I need more practice
It is really hard to receive a comment unless you bring A stuff to the table.
My popularity and reputation have gone up in a social network places where dance videos get recognition (younger crowd, music / creative related social networks)
There are more search results when my online alias is googled.
I have small number of people now making a direct communication via AIM and Youtube requesting new videos.

What does this mean?
Now let's think this in a business term in a bigger pool with more connections.
What does the video represent? Comments? Fans?