Back to School?

So I recently applied to get back to UT to finish what I had started back in 1997. With 4 major changes in 8 years of my college career, I wasn't able to finish the school before I got plucked away. What a lucky case..
So why am I going back? Beside the fact that there is a scholarship available for me, I have too much time in my hand as of now. I feel that I am most productive when my schedule is tight and when I am under pressure.
What am I studying this time? Sure, I really want to get into Advertising or Marketing, but the competition is little too high for my poorly managed GPA. If not... below are what I am considering. Garr.. I am more than what my GPA indicates!!!: (

1. Science Technology & Society.. ohhh.. this sounds pretty good too. Sounds like I will be playing more with Facebook.
2. Textile and Apparel- Retail Merchandising . where this come from..
3. Computer Science -..... i dont think so..

But most of all.. I can not wait to play some Intermural Basketball game!.. wahoo Share