Personal Branding / Re Branding - Emotional Tags

Some people on Twitter had suggested that I keep the current personal branding to go with the alias, Djteknokid. My sister had been telling me to change my alias to something more professional as she found it pretty immature and hard to spell. So I had sometime to rethink of my personal branding. How do I present myself online?

Emotional Tags
People often describe themselves using various keywords or tags. Some keywords I have used for myself to fill out the personal profile on the social network channel are: user experience, design, marketing, basketball, dance, and web development. One thing I have recognized over the time is that these keywords just describe what I do, not who I am.
What are some emotional keywords that I can extract from my personality and way I present myself? I am going to just list some of the hedonic keywords and determine the importance and priority. (very SEO way)

Funny, Passionate, Considerate, Innovative, Creative, Energetic, Positive, Negative, Critical, Honest, User Focused, Trendy, Forward Thinking, Early Adopting...

3 Keywords to Use
After spending about... 8 minutes to go over the above keywords, I have decided to use: Funny, Innovative, User Focused. I should go consult with the creative writer from my company to see if she can come up with something better than "User Focused".

My question for today.. Which three keywords from the above would you like to work with? In other words, if you were to pick an agency to work with, which three keywords from the top do you want your agency to possess?

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