Rebranding Myself

Djteknokid -

I have been using this online alias since I was 15, when I first started using IRC. What is IRC?

Because I want to keep in touch with my old friends, I have been using djteknokid throughout all my social network sites and online services. Email, IM clients, and even my school account are all some what related to 'djteknokid' theme. I really think that the alias represents who I am: The lover of the electronic music / dance, DJ of my own, and the kid at heart. But my desire to keep this alias has clashed on my professional field. I have presented my business cards with or I have traded my twitter account with upper managements with such name like . Does it sound too childlish to be used in a business? Couple have indicated that it is not a good way to get my name out there with such an immature name.

Whether it is true or not, I have had an issue to be taken lightly. My work results and ethics have proven them, the people who have taken me lightly, wrong many times. But not everyone who knows me by this name have an opportunity for me to prove.

So.. should I rebrand myself to something more professional yet conveys my image? Should I stick with my old alias and ignore the ones who judge me by the cover? There will be some efforts for me to go through to rebrand myself though. There are several accounts that I have to deal with and several contacts that I have to rebuild.

What's your thought? Share