Lesson from Mega Man

Mega Man has been so popular that they are still producing games with the same concept on Pstation. XBOX and even on iPhone. One great concept that separates this game from other adventure games is Mega Man’s ability to learn enemy boss’ special skills once he defeats them. In this picture, Mega Man is using the Metal Man skill instead of his lame generic bean bullets.

So what can we possibly learn from this game?
It’s about the importance of the ability to learn from your peers. If you can just learn one special skill from the people you interact with everyday, you would be in much better position at the end of the year. Presentation skill, sales skill, having the marketing brain, or even creating an eye opening excel spreadsheet, your coworkers possesses something that you don’t have. Of course, it is very hard to learn something like, PHP, from your programmer as I don’t do programming. Why don’t you just step back and watch how he programs instead of what he programs? I am sure you could learn about a lot about the process, instead of the PHP language.

Well.. That’s it.. I am going to look around and see what I can learn from my friends at work. Share