Team Game

While I was playing basketball today, I noticed all the mistakes I am making on / off the court. I love the sports metaphor to describe the business world.

1. I have been crying too much for the playing time and the spot light. I often forget that the goal is to win as a team, not to get the individual recognition.
2. I need to support team by doing what I am good at. I need to stop dribbling and try to take people off the dribble. I need to stop losing my focus at work. I am hired to do certain things.
3. I need to stop pointing finger at my teammates. My words are reflection of who I am.
4. Assist counts. Pass first. I need to learn to assist others in the business world. If they need my skill sets to accomplish their goals, I need to shut up and pass them the ball.
5. I need to train harder. Simply playing the game itself won't improve my game too much, I need to lift weight, shoot around, and run drills. I can't just hope to improve my skill sets by working 8-5, I need to read books, write blogs, and go to conferences.

The most important thing I have to understand is that I am a part of the team... I need to shut up. Shane Battier should by my role model.. not Allen Iverson. Share


Eric Hexter said...

D, this is so true!