New Semester - Idea #1 : Social Media Broadcasting

Let me log in to Facebook and read some of my friends' status update.

Jean : its nice to be at home... about to watch Bachelorette.. yeah!!
Billy: Ice cream, two episodes of Weeds, bed by 9:30. Gearing up for whatever Kate throws at us tonight.
Jiae: Lunch down on South Congress with my school mothers and Kristen! fun it was!

Since Facebook and Twitter provided an ability to update one’s status and broadcast it in real time, I have noticed people utilizing this functionality in a similar manner. They are reporters of their own. Reporting live action data to their friends as it is happening right this second.

Using the similar concept, my intern and I had come up with a new way to broadcast an event, the social media broadcasting. No, it is not Meebo nor SopCast like real time broadcasting. We are talking about using the existing social network such as, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube to broadcast a live event using various tools.

Tomorrow, my company’s CEO, Steve Golab, and we are joining Austin’s non-profit organization, Mobile Loaves and Fishes to help homeless people to distribute much needed bottle water and foods. Of course, our main focus will be helping the needed, but we would like to broadcast the experience of volunteering at this event using camera, iphone, and laptop. By doing so, our goal is to gather more volunteers at these events.

I am going to be doing what I am good at, using different tools to update my social networks to get the words out there. This probably is the best way to serve at this event, in my opinion. … I don’t have too much money to contribute yet : p