$20.09 Campaign - Thought?

If there is one thing I have learned from Adv325 is that to have a successful advertising campaign, your ad must stand out of the crowd. It sounds simple and easy, almost like a law of the nature in advertising field that one shouldn't even talk about. But why is it that there are very few advertisements that stand out? Why are people so afraid to think outside of box and push the boundary?

That's exactly the reason why I am doing the $20.09 campaign. I am not even sure if I had pushed the limit enough for people to pay attention to it, yet. Social media is now like a billboard, TV, magazine, and radio. It's a place where the advertise must consider to deliver brand promises to the targeted audience. But social media space is already getting crowded with status updates, messages, and other blah blah craps. Now.. do you see the similarity of the concepts in two ad spaces? I am hungry.. I don't have energy.. I don't know what to do with next 15 days... but I know that this is just a learning experience for me. In the future when I have to think about an ad concept, I am going to look back to this date and remind myself how hungry I was.