Back 2 School - Texas Creative Sequence

Yay~ I got in. One of the most prestigious advertising programs in the nation, the Texas creative program has accepted me! I am finally going to receive proper education on the communication design concept and theory. Although I am still puzzled which direction I am going in my career right now, I, for now, want to forget the end goal and enjoy the process.

The first day of school is today, and I am very excited. These are the classes I am taking.

Digital Metrics - I am very stoked with this! I already have in depth knowledge in site analytic and conversion analysis. But I still feel inadequate because I've never received a proper training.
Statistics in Market Place - I am only taking this class for the requirement, but now I think about it, it makes clear sense of why I would need this class. Especially taking side by side with digital metrics, ability to use / extract stats while running an ad campaign is must have skill set.
Portfolio I - this is the first of the creative sequence.

After this semester, I anticipate to become
1. better visual designer
2. better campaign planner using analytic
3. better UX designer using analytic

I will come back to this post to asses myself when the semester is over. Share