Thinking Ahead - Grad School

Yup.. I am thinking away ahead.. or am I? I will be done with the under grad next yr after the fall semester. So I have 3 full semesters and 2 summers left including the fall session which started couple days ago.
I am already looking forward to the post-undergrad stage of career. One thing I know for sure is that I am going for the masters. I actually get really excited thinking about finishing both under and grad while keeping up with my career in the real world. What do I like so much about this? It's the concept that is presented in The Outliers by Malcom Goldwell. He mentioned in his book that one must spend at least 10,000 hours to master a subject and that is the minimum number of hours in order to become the outlier. Doubling the duty in both real world and academia gives me a much better and faster chance to reach that 10,000 hrs. CEO at my company actually told me to aim for 50,000. Holy.. yeah that's what I will do after 10,000.

I'm actually asking myself what I should study in grad school. It will actually determine my career and the next destination in my life. Before I think about the subject I should at least write down subjects that I am interested in. This is going to be a hell of long list.
Let's see...

- Advertising: My current major in under grad.
- User Experience: My current career.
- Graphic Design / Visual Design: Inspiration & Admiration
- Marketing: Currently in pursue of becoming a marketing director in my career right now.
- Human Computer Interaction / Human Factors: Something that always intrigue me.
- Psychology / Sociology: Subjects that could only enhance my other skills.
- MBA: The place where I know I can accelerate while making $$$
- Sports. Video Game. Music. Dance - Where my heart is since when I was little kid, but I don't know how to relate these to my career for now.

One probably will say... do what your heart tells you. Do what you love the most.
But u know what?... my heart is all over the place. But one thing I know for fact is that... I need to be where I use my creativity all the time. Once I feel that I am forced to think inside the box, that is when I start getting frustrated. Share