User Experience - International Air Plane

13 hours of flight from LA to Seoul Korea using Asiana Air
2 Meals and 1 snack were served
Meals were excellent given the fact that it is only an airplane food. I had a steak dinner, ham & cheese sandwich, & seafood spaghetti.
Cabin crew were excellent ... wow... those ladies are so gorgeous.

A remote to control my own personal TV mounted in the back of headrest is a good idea. Infrasture was there.. but the content was horrible. They were playing the same movies 4 -5 times throughout the flight. The video games they provided was all outdated (all made in yr 1997).

The worst part of the flight was this fat guy sitting right next to me... his fat from his left thigh was constantly invading my personal space. To make things worse, he started drinking wine and his body temperature was rising every second..... ok... this is enough. 13 hours... imagine that. Share