Enjoying Austin

I had pretty good Saturday spending time with friends at Zilker Park listening to Soul & Funk while throwing a Frisbee a round. Some local Austin DJs put together a free show featuring variety afro centric music. There were couple turntables with live drum kits in 85degree weather with cool breeze throughout. In such a good picnic setting, we started having a good conversation about the life in general as we are getting older.

1. As a Longhorn, it is our privilege to enjoy every Saturday. Not everyone has something to look forward on every weekend. We are talking about the championship magnitude of excitement and anticipation.
2. We can't take Austin's music culture for granted. What seems like abundant around us, may never exist in other places.
3. Austin is a great place to raise a family.
4. Everyone is happy, it is just matter of recognition and appreciation. It is not that hard to be happy... Sometimes you could be just in denial.
5. Be around people who appreciate small things.
6. Missouri is TX's breakfast. Share