40 Journals in 30 Days

Only 1 week has passed yet I am supposed to be at the journal #14 by now... This is insane! But oh well I guess that's what the summer school is all about. I am only on #3.. So behind. I just need to keep in mind that journal entry is a free form of expression that I could write just anything I want. It's not like there are many people reading this blog anyway.

40 Journals in 30 days reminds me of the Arabian Nights Tale, 1001 nights. The princess would have been one famous blogger if she lived in the present. How did she do it? Well, I guess it's possible given the fact that she was locked in her room all day, doing nothing much. If i was locked in my room all day, I think I could also come up with one blog entry per day. Humm... Some people these days get paid to blog, full time, right? Share