Thinking Inside the Box

It must be the $ and corporate environment I have been involved so long, I feel like my creativity has diminished significantly since my days in highschool.

My professor at Adv 325 has asked a question about the factors that limits creativity. Here are some answers from the students, including the one from myself.

1) Criticism
2) Tendency to be stubborn with one decent idea
3) Budget (can't come up with Star Wars when the budget is Blair Witch Project)
4) Pressure to come up with something great

I have been involved in projects which I witnessed all 4 of the above factors. How do I overcome above obstacles?
1) Directors / Managers at the meeting need to ensure that no idea is bad idea during brain storm session.
2) Again, meeting facilitator needs to make sure to continue the conversation without dwelling on one idea.
3) This is a very tricky one... I don't see the budget as an obstacle you have to over come, it is more of a factor that you have to work WITH.
4) One thing I have noticed over the course is that execution is what makes the idea great, not the idea itself. Sure, there are some exceptions.

I sure hope to utilize some mind mapping and creative process to the real world practice in future projects. More to come... Share