Lesson Learning - Gangnam Style Halloween

You probably have figured out. The one of the main reasons why I am all of sudden keeping up with this site is to boost the SEO ranking on my small Gangnam Style Halloween project. It doesn't seem like a little project anymore since I am spending most of my evening on here.

So what am I learning? It's the reassurance of my core belief in marketing / user experience / life; focus on the intrinsic reward. 

Like the previous post has mentioned that I and my wife when we started this business, we set our project's core value on the customer's need. Instead of focusing on how we can push this product for more profit, we focus on the intrinsic goal of the customer; that they want to be like Psy.

So what have we done so far to align with this goal?

1. We focused on the quality of the our product even though it raised the production cost
We could have definitely reduce the cost of the Blue Tuxedo to gain more profit when we were deciding on the fabric and lining. Lining is the material that goes inside the jacket; we could have decided to not have the lining which could have saved us approximately $5 a jacket. When we faced this question, the answer was pretty simple since we were focused on our goal. The lining was must have since Gangnam Style was all about dressing classy, and it was obvious that lining would make the Tuxedo classier.  Now we ended up having very competitive product that we can be proud of.

2. The blog articles now focus on how to be like Psy for Halloween
One of the hardest part of blogging is coming up with right topic. On the store front blog, I have been able to post one or two blog articles per day. Coming up with the blog topic was easier this time because the goal was clearly set; How do I help the customers to be more like Psy? If I had focused on the profit and store traffic, I would have focused on how awesome my tuxedo is, and that would have limited the creative ideas to come up with the blog topic. This is one of the lessons I have learned as a UX professional. If I start focusing on the metrics too much, conversion rate for example, I will focus too much on the micro UI instead of looking at the bigger UX improvement opportunities.

3. Use social media the right way
My main play ground right now is, of course, Twitter. What better way to market this product than monitoring the tweets that mentions keywords such as, 'Gangnam Style Halloween' 'Psy Costume'. I have done this in the past ineffectively because I had focused on the extrinsic goal at the time; I was basically pushing a product URL. This time, since I have built the right content using the idea #2, I can help these people by providing the appropriate content that can actually help them. This is the idea of the 'inbound' marketing.

It is interesting how I can utilize the idea of using intrinsic reward in various parts in business. If you feel like you are running out of innovative ideas or doesn't know how to be innovative, I recommend you shift your goal to focus on the customer's or the user's intrinsic reward. Of course, what is YOUR intrinsic reward, most importantly.

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